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( Oct. 17th, 2011 10:42 pm)
"In the Name of God, the merciful Father, we commit the body of Ian Summers and entrust his soul into Your hands," the Anglican priest droned before making the sign of the cross and tossing three hand-fulls of earth fall onto the coffin,. "You gave Ian life, and tragically he was taken from us. We commit him to You so that Heaven may receive him in Your peace and give him, through Jesus Christ our Lord, eternal life."

Archy shifted uncomfortably under his umbrella. He had long ago fallen away from the Church of England; and didn't see much need for it, really. Beside him standing beneath an umbrella just outside of the canvas pavilion that sheltered the family from the pouring rain was his nephew, Johnny Quid. At the front of the grave site was Ian's wife, Cloe and his mother, and brother. All of them looking pale and numb in the misted haze of inclement weather.Read more... )
Patterned shadows were etched over the face of the petite strawberry-blonde that slumbered in the crook of Archy's arm. Caroline shifted and stretched and nuzzled her face into the space between his shoulder and chest. A small, contented smile crossed over her lips even as she slept.

Archy had to admit, he was rather satisfied himself; in spite of the nagging sensation that what had happened when he found Caroline in the shadows of the library and unable to sleep. They had crashed headlong into each other with urgent and bruising kisses, up the stairs and into his room. Both of them in that moment were desperate to experience something that the other one offered and no objection was raised between them. No doubt, he thought, they would likely pay for the night before in terms of complications.Read more... )


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